PRINCE2® classroom


This is a 4 day practical application course that covers the full PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner syllabus.

The objective of this training course is to provide the delegates attending the course with a practical understanding and practical experience of applying the PRINCE2® project management framework to a project.

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For InHouse course contact us

01604 422333


Course format

The course is delivered through practical application, delegates will complete several practical project exercises in groups, following the project lifecycle from start to finish. These exercises will be based on a project scenario and exercise workbook that is provided during the course. Your trainer will then “coach” you through its practical application.


This training course does NOT include the PRINCE2® Foundation and/or Practitioner exam(s), however these can be added additionally very easily.

The benefit of this is that delegates will actually get to understand the real-life practical understanding of the framework, without the worry and pressure of preparing for an exam This also means that you do not pay for the exam fees or the additional training day that covers exam invigilation.

If you would like the exams to be included, please see the Exam options section at the bottom of this page.

Course content

  • PRINCE2 Overview / Pre-course material recap
  • Project Mandate introduced (by trainer)
  • Starting up a project
    • Appoint a Project Board
    • Outline Business case
    • Put together a Project Product Description
    • Understanding the Project Approach
    • Completion of a Project Brief
  • Directing a Project
    • Authorization from the Project Board to continue
  • Initiating a Project
    • Producing a Risk Management Approach
    • Producing a Quality Management Approach
    • Producing a Change Control Approach
    • Stakeholder analysis and producing a Communication Management Approach
    • Running a Planning workshop (Inc. Product-Based Planning technique)
    • Running a Risk Workshop
    • Producing a Detailed Business Case
    • Completion of a P.I.D
  • Directing a Project
      • Authorization to start delivering the Project
  • Project Delivery
    • Creating a Work Package
    • Reporting progress
    • Quality review technique
    • Managing a Risk
    • Managing Issues and Changes
    • Managing a Stage Boundary
  • Closing a Project
    • Handing over
    • Evaluating a Project
    • Running a Lessons workshop

Additional exam options

We fully appreciate that you and your staff may want to complete the exam, we therefore have 2 options for including this:

Option 1
Anyone that attends the course will be provided with a specific ‘How to pass the exam’ e-learning course. If you also purchase an exam voucher, you can then take the exam online at time of your choosing.

Option 2
Add the exams to the training course. Delegates will be provided with exam preparation as homework each evening (This will NOT be included within the training day), along with providing exam guidance before the start of each day and at the end of each day (if needed), the Foundation exam would then be taken at the end of day 4, with a Practitioner preparation morning on day 5 with the practitioner exam being taken on the afternoon of day 5 or online at a time of the delegates choosing.

A benefit of this is that you only pay for the delegates that you want to take the exam(s).